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Our Galleries : Notebook Natural

Handmade with handmade paper
front and back covers made from banana and other leaves
decorated with rice straw, cinnamon sticks, beans and branches
(Size A,F,H = 3 x 5", Size B,G,I = 4 x 6", Size C,D,J = 5 x 6", Size E = 8 x 6")

For Price list, please contact : info@javahandicraft.com

Notebook A, code: JVNB01
Notebook B, code: JVNB02
Notebook C, code: JVNB03

Notebook D, code: JVNB04
Notebook E, code: JVNB05

Notebook F, code: JVNB06
NotebookG, code: JVNB07

Notebook H, code : JVNB08
Notebook I, code : JVNB09
Notebook J, code : JVNB10


Code : JVNB11
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